RELEASE 2012/10/3


2012.10.03 release

Moon Working / Angel Quartz

1. Arie - Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
2. Ave Maria (Gounod)
3. Ave Maria (Schubert)
4. Amazing Grace
5. Time To Say Good By
6. Moon Walking
7. Stranger In Paradise (Run to run Mix)
8. Stranger In Paradise (Deep dub Mix)
9. Amazing Grace (Dubwize Mix 2004)
10. Amaging Grace (Wonder Space Mix)

including 10 songs

前作「Arie from heaven」に続くAngelQuartzの第二弾!electroなbeatに乗せたクラシックボイスが益々進化した!ゲストによるRemixも必聴!

Voice was put on a classic beat ''MoonWalking'' electro AngelQuartz followed by the second bullet ''Arie from heaven'' previous work has evolved more and more! Even by the guest Remix!


mi-on units that make up the concept of modern electronica sound that sum and began 10 years ago. 2nd album with Etsuko Watanabe sings soprano singer of state-of-the-art, the Magic Flute is a gorgeous finish also welcomed guest remixers. The finish is electro surprised at the familiar masterpieces of opera! Please enjoy playing games.




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